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Positive news from science

Elena Wernicke von Siebenthal

Apr 6, 2024

What are Bluefin Tuna doing in the Mediterranean?

The young me gave up, after many years, on holding hope for Bluefin Tuna in the Mediterranean. Informing and communicating was not enough, action was required.

And finally it happened: action was taken, and thanks to scientific based decisions, change has saved bluefin tuna in the mediterranean.

I was able to present this story in the recent Dive Festival in Bern, organised by Dive and Travel and TSK, with the title "Positive Wende im Mittelmeer: die Erholung des Blauflossen-Thunfischs".

My wish: to prove that things can work when enough power and know-how is put into the same place. Nature regenerates if we give it enough space and time.

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